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Is Houston Craft Beer going to the “Bros?”

Quick question:  is the following information evidence that Houston craft beer is heading to “broville”? Seems we have had a rash of images, actions and recently announced contests that would suggest that Houston’s craft beer scene is going to the “bros.”

Are other craft beer communities seeing similar trends or is this a byproduct of Houston’s legacy of strip clubs and breast implants farms?  I haven’t seen anything like this come out of Austin, Dallas or San Antonio or any other city for that matter, but maybe I just missed it.

Take a look at the following and give me your feedback.  I’m honestly curious.


Draft Magazine

Here are ads for various beer festivals that appeared in the March/April issue of Draft Magazine.  Is one of these things not like the others?  I mean, not even Vegas was willing to put a drunk chick in their ad.












Wet T-shirt Contest

Houston Beer Festival organizers recently held a “wet t-shirt” contest at their booth while attending Buzz Fest.  The last time I heard of anyone running a wet t-shirt contest it was on Daytona Beach for the MTV Spring Break 1992.  Well, there was the Faygo Wet t-shirt contest at the most recent Juggalo gathering, but, heck, those people are brain dead.  Hell, even drunk college girls won’t participate in such events since Apple put a 14 megapixel camera on the iPhone.

Bikini Contest

Finally, a group of craft beer folks recently announced a bikini contest.  Here is the announcement as posted to the ”Houston Let’s Talk Craft Beer” forum on Facebook.

“The 950, Duff Beer Distribution and Southern Star Brewing Company are on the hunt for “Ms. Bombshell Blonde!” Every Saturday in June beautiful woman will be competiting for the title. All details can be found at the 950 Beer Page: Hot girls in bikinis and cold beer, it is going to be a “Bombshell” Summer!” 

Interestingly, Nick Lensing from Oskar Blues volunteered to compete, and Kyle White of Duff Distributors has been known to sport a dress and heels in order to attend “ladies only” events, so I wonder if guys would be accepted as “Hot girls in bikinis” or not.  Personallly, I thought these events went out with the 1980′s but maybe, like Bud Light Platinum, they are making a comeback. 

Vote Now

Let’s hear from you.  Should we rush out to purchase Affliction wear and trash our Dickie’s work shirts? Should brewers shave their beards and flock enmasse to the tanning booth?  Should women in craft beer burn their BJCP cards and head back to the civilized world of wine?  Or maybe the contest organizers could present a “HOT MEN OF HOUSTON,” you know, for balance? James, Dave/Jeff & Ash — get your speedos ready.  I’ll be in the front row waiting for those Arnold Schwartzenager poses.

Let’s hear it, brah.





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